A Yoga Teacher’s wish!

My wish for you
Is not that you will stand on one leg…
…With your foot behind your ear
Or that you will bend down and touch your toes
Or get your heels to the ground in down dog.

My wish for you is that you will feel so safe
That you will lower the mask you wear,
The protective shield between you and the world
That you will drop your baggage of stories and worries
If only for the duration of the practice
And reveal your truth
Your vulnerability
Your shadow
Your mess
The outstanding beauty of your heart and soul.

My wish for you is not that you will master Ujjayi breathing
Or relax so deeply in Savasana that you fall asleep…
I do not mind whether you know the Sanskrit names for poses
Or if you share my passion for yoga philosophy and spirituality.

My wish for you is that you feel the miracle of this life
That you you learn to savour each breath
To listen to your body and mind
To meet with your glorious self
Exactly as you are and not as you think you should be,
Or how others describe  you.

My wish for you is not that you will loose weight
Become more flexible and strong
Not that you will get more definition in you upper arms
And a pert, peachy  bottom
Although all these things are possible…. with practice…

My wish for you is that your mat will become your mirror
Revealing your patterns, your wisdom, your reality
And that you will see all that you are, all that you can be
And that you will love what you see
And be free.

Alison Faith

Faithfully Me x

+353 (0)86 669 8588


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