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Faithfully Alison is about empowering, supporting and celebrating YOU!

For me, the key to the elusive ‘freedom’ that I suspect we are all seeking has been found in my willingness to see, accept and love the truth about who I really am … as opposed to who I think I should be, who I have been told I am…

My passion is for sharing Practices that I hope will help you to do the same.

Often the most radical changes to our quality of life are made through subtle changes within our hearts and minds.  In my own experience it isn’t a bigger house, better car or a different partner that will make us happy (I’ve tried all of the above – purely for research purposes of course!!). It’s a willingness to drop the facade and accept ourselves fully and unconditionally in all our divinely messy glory

Based in East Cork, Ireland I share weekly, Mindful  Yoga Practices in a range of lovely venues as well as offering bespoke Practices for private groups and individuals.  There are a range of classes, courses, workshops and retreats to choose from. See the Yoga tab at the top of the page for more.

I also have a small number of Mentoring slots for courageous people who are wanting to dive deeper and uncover a little bit more about the wonderful mystery of who they really are.  See the Authentic Living tab for more


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Keeping it Real

I’ve been experiencing lots of light bulb moments recently.  It’s a bit exhausting… and also really wonderful! Before one of my Yoga classes this week I shared with the group that I had noticed I was feeling a bit angry.  I could feel my demeanour was a little irritated and I could see that I … Continue reading Keeping it Real

Empty the Cup

You may have heard the story of the scholar who visited the saint.  The scholar was eager to gain favour and impress the saint with everything he knew.  After a while, the saint suggested they have some tea and began to fill the scholar’s cup to the brim, and continued to pour so that the … Continue reading Empty the Cup

How Come?

How come?…. All my best ideas My lightbulb moments My wisest thoughts My most lucid prose Arrive When I’m trapped under a sleeping Kali Kat? Not wanting to move Lest I should disturb the Goddess Notebook and pen Unavailable   And… How come?… When she rouses Without thank yous Has a quick wash before Unceremoniously … Continue reading How Come?

I am not a Goddess

Recently I was in conversation with a friend.  I was telling him how I felt like a fraud as I’m not always able to practice what I preach. He said,  “You are not God. Relax”. Every cell in my body unclenched and breathed a huge sigh of relief.  I am not God.  I don’t have … Continue reading I am not a Goddess

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