Integrity in Motion

4 day course (dates soon… ;-))


Zen Space, Midleton

A four day short course for people interested in deepening and individualising their Asana Practice ‘on the mat’ and creating a more authentic life ‘off the mat’.

The mornings (1030-1230) will be a rich ‘playshop’ mode practice looking at developing wise, individually beneficial alignment from the truth of our physical anatomy.

The afternoons (1400-1600) will use Yoga philosophy and practices to engage in practical exploration, discussion and contemplation of who we really are, why we’re here and how we can reconnect and recommit to our own path in our lives in the outside World.

Here’s a sample of the schedule… which may change depending on the needs of the group..;-)


Week 1: Be where you are

Morning:  Basing our practice on the Yoga Yama of ‘Satya’ (truthfulness) we’ll explore an honest appreciation of our individual anatomy to enable authentic, wise and integrated movement.

Afternoon: A focus upon self-inquiry (Svadhyaya) dvingin into stillness practices that provoke contemplation of who we are in life, what we value and how we embody our truth off the mat

Week 2: Stand in your power

Morning: A juicy and strong practice focussing on the centre of the body and calling up the qualities of the Manipura Chakra to ignite our personal power.

Afternoon: Reflection upon the concept of ‘Power’ in relation to our personal boundaries and standards.  Where (and why) do we give our power away and how can we reclaim it?

Week 3: Lift your heart

Morning: Integrating stability and power from weeks 1 and 2 we will play with a heart opening sequence to liberate the thoracic spine and cultivate receptivity and compassion.

Afternoon: From stable foundations and with clear boundaries we are here to serve others.  How do we share our gifts and open our hearts to receive love.

Week 4: Shift the Paradigm

Morning: Combining all the previous weeks of practice we will move through a creative sequence with lots of opportunities for individual variations of poses and self expression including an introduction to inversions.

Afternoon: Drawing upon the awareness that has bubbled to the surface in previous weeks we will celebrate our progress and create individual intentions for our onward journey.


This course is limited to 12 participants. Subject to space it may be possible to drop in to the morning practices but the afternoon group is closed to help support participants in feeling safe to dive deeply into their own process

€200 for full course

€30 for one morning practice (subject to space)

Advance payment secures your mat


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