Empty the Cup

You may have heard the story of the scholar who visited the saint.  The scholar was eager to gain favour and impress the saint with everything he knew.  After a while, the saint suggested they have some tea and began to fill the scholar’s cup to the brim, and continued to pour so that the tea spilled over onto the table.. and continued to pour so that the tea started to drip off the table onto the floor…  Eventually the scholar shouted “stop!”  The cup is overflowing! You can’t add any more!  It’s full!”   “Exactly”  said the saint.

This fable fells very apt for the journey I’m about to embark on.   This week I head away for my third full Yoga Teacher training.  Yes, yes, yes I’m very lucky and very greedy…..My third!! And therein lies potentially my biggest challenge (well, at least part of it).  

I have a certain amount of experience and knowledge from previous trainings and from my 8 years of teaching Yoga.  Some would say that is a huge advantage.  For sure, in many ways it is.  But my challenge is to empty the cup.  To let go of what I think I know.  To be open to new ways of doing things. To be a good student.  

When we think we already know something we might have a tendency to ‘switch off’  or maybe we feel the need to show others how clever we are.  I can think of times when I have done both..  So for this training. I need to find a balance between being receptive to new information, new ways of doing things and staying true to me.  I need to navigate the line between humility and arrogance.

In many ways it’s a huge relief to be able to ‘let go’ and be the student for a change.  But I also recognise it’s going to require some ‘ego management’.  I need to be really willing not to know and not to just pretend not to know with a smug smile!  I need to be willing to fail, to be the one that gets it wrong, to be the one in a sweaty, crumpled heap.  Compassionately quieting the self judging voice that will undoubtedly be saying “ You should know this!  You should be able to do this!  Call yourself a Yoga Teacher?!”

At the same time, it is also important to recognise what I do know and to allow my experience be of support and encouragement to others. This is harder for me. It’s not that I don’t want to help.  Its that I’m afraid to appear to be a ‘know it all’.  I’m afraid to seem egotistical.  I’m afraid of what people might think!! (Urghhhh!!!  Still?!!!  After all I preach about truth and authenticity… Yup!  There’s still a part of me in certain settings that can be over concerned with other’s opinions of me.) 

This means the easy option for me is to sit at the back of the room take notes and keep quiet.  But, wouldn’t it be selfish of me not to contribute if I can offer support? Isn’t that even more egotistical? 

Here’s the link to the training so you can see what’s in store! The days will be long and abundant!  I’m SO excited!  SOO grateful!  SOOOoooo nervous!


Packing my baggage

Those of you that know me also know that however many times I am blessed to travel… and I have been very blessed with lots of lovely travel in the last few years…. my packing skills remain… ummm… crap!  

Luckily the ‘baggage’ I’m referring to here is my mental baggage.  Creating  mental state and setting intentions for which of my qualities I want to bring with me… and here I can travel light…

  1. A wide open mind 
  2. A generous heart
  3. A huge dollop of gratitude
  4. A sprinkling of humour
  5. My truth.  All of it.




See you on the other side

Faithfully Me x

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